Trump slammed for lecturing two black men about black issues with 'bad facts'


CNN's Van Jones is not interested in Donald Trump's take on issues facing the black community.

When mogul and rapper Jay-Z called out Donald Trump's hateful comments about Africa, Haiti, and El Salvador, Trump predictably lashed out in response.

And he actually dared to try to lecture black people about the issue of black unemployment while taking credit for the hard work of another black man, President Barack Obama.

But CNN's Van Jones, who interviewed Jay-Z, was not having it.


Speaking with "Reliable Sources" host Brian Stelter, Jones said pointedly that Trump was only "continuing a lot of trends that have been going on anyway."

And he noted the "powerful moment" when Jay-Z, a multi-millionaire, declared that it's "not about money. It's about the respect."

"Apparently, Trump missed the whole point and actually walked right back into the trap," Jones continued.

"It's bad for the country when you have a president who wants to lecture an African American rapper and an African American pundit about African American issues with bad facts and no information about the show."

For Trump to insist that he knows more about issues facing the black community than two prominent members of that very community is laughable on the surface.

But it also speaks to a far deeper and more serious problem, and puts in stark relief Trump's deep-seated racism.

He assumes that he, a wealthy white man, not only fully understands the struggle of black unemployment, but also deserves more credit for ameliorating it than the black man who preceded him in office and under whom the upswing in employment numbers began. Such a mindset doesn't only convey a sense of his own superiority, but also a belief in the inferiority of the people he lectured.

Trump's attacks on black Americans are seemingly endless, even when it is painfully obvious that he is in the wrong.

Usurping the accomplishments of President Obama in order to lecture two black men is the latest despicable example.