Trump smirks and looks away, refuses to answer questions about Putin


Donald Trump can try to avoid questions about Russian President Vladimir Putin, but no one is going to stop asking them.

In a telling reaction during a brief appearance before the press, Donald Trump refused to answer a question about Russian President Vladimir Putin, averting his eyes and crossing his arms, sending strong signals with his body language he wanted to shut down the subject.

Watch Trump's response to the query from CNN senior White House correspondent Jeff Zeleny:

TRUMP: Thank you very much, thank you very much, thank you, thank you.

ZELENY: Mr. President, have your views on President Putin changed?

TRUMP: Thank you all very much.

Trump's behavior was significant enough to cause veteran CBS White House correspondent Mark Knoller to comment on it via Twitter:

Zeleny likewise noted Trump's refusal to answer:

No matter how much Trump tries to dodge questions about his ties to Russia and his relationship with Putin, the questions are not going away. Reporters refuse to be distracted — by Trump's tweets, his self-congratulatory press briefings, or his attacks on Syria.

The American people deserve answers about Trump's possible collusion with Russia, and we will not stop until we get them.