Trump ignores fallen US soldier's death for one week straight


The narcissist in chief is too busy obsessing about 'fake news' and his personal scandals to acknowledge the death of Army specialist Gabriel Conde.

22-year-old Army specialist Gabriel Conde made the ultimate sacrifice for this country. But Trump hasn't had a word to say about it in the whole week since the young man's death.

Bored and bitter, with his public schedule for Monday nearly empty, Trump spent the morning rage-tweeting, again. He posted ten different missives, most of them whining about his political and legal plights.

What Trump didn't do on Monday, and what he hasn't done over the last week, is publicly acknowledge Conde in any way.

Conde was killed in Afghanistan on April 30, just weeks before his unit's deployment in the country was scheduled to end.

Conde, who graduated high school in 2014, died of small arms fire in the Tagab District while supporting Operation Freedom's Sentinel.

He became the second American service member killed in Afghanistan this year. The U.S. has now been fighting the war in Afghanistan for 17 years.

The fallen soldier's body was returned to the U.S. last Thursday, arriving at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware where his parents waited for their son.

On that day, instead of acknowledging the family's loss, Trump was tweeting angry denials about the porn actress he reportedly had an affair with and then had paid off, just weeks before the 2016 election.

And during the week since Conde's death, Trump has tweeted about the Army vs. Navy football game, honored a Southwest Airlines flight crew, railed against "fake news," and even posted a Fox News programming alert.

But nothing about offering up thanks for Conde and his family. Trump may have been too busy golfing over the weekend for that.

We've seen this kind of dismissive behavior towards U.S. troops from Trump before.

Last October, when ISIS gunmen in Niger killed four Army Special Forces troops in an ambush, Trump refused to publicly acknowledge Americans' sacrifice, let alone honor them or offer condolences.

Back then, Trump was too busy obsessing about the NFL, whining about unfair media coverage, and trying to relive the 2016 campaign.

He also ignored the families' demands for answers surrounding the botched raid.

More recently, Trump extended his strange blackouts to a domestic hero, James Shaw Jr.

Police say the unarmed Shaw risked his life when he leapt to action during a shooting at a restaurant in Tennessee. Shaw knocked the gun out of the murderer’s hand, preventing further bloodshed.

But Shaw's heroism doesn’t fit the NRA's "good guy with a gun" narrative. And he's been snubbed by Trump for two weeks now. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders claimed they would reach out to him. But it hasn't happened yet.

Trump just doesn't seem to care about real American heroes. Gabriel Conde deserves far better than Trump's total disregard for his memory.