Trump starts his Sunday by promoting obsessive violence against Hillary Clinton


A day after being humiliated by the laughably small turnout at Saturday's "Mother of All Rallies," Donald Trump shows that he still can't get over losing the popular vote.

Humiliated by the small number of supporters that turned out for Saturday's supposed "Mother of All Rallies" in Washington D.C., Donald Trump started his Sunday by obsessively tweeting about the woman who beat him by 3 million votes in November.

This is nothing new for Trump, who cannot seem to let go of his fixation even ten months after the election.

Within a span of 30 minutes early Sunday morning, Trump retweeted 6 tweets from fan accounts, including one tweet about the "haters" who are "jealous of his success," and another showing a fictional 2020 electoral map.

Disturbingly, Trump also retweeted a post glamorizing political violence against his former opponent.

The tweet, from an account called "Fuctupmind," features a video of Trump swinging a club and knocking Hillary Clinton down after hitting her with a golf ball.

Trump has repeatedly expressed support for the use of violence against political opponents, including Clinton, such as his disturbing comment last summer when he suggested that "Second Amendment people" might have to stop Clinton if she won the election.

Throughout the campaign, Trump also encouraged attendees at his rallies to "rough up" protesters, and created such a hostile atmosphere that members of the press had to be escorted in and out of the events by security guards.

Even his own UN Ambassador Nikki Haley has explicitly linked his violent rhetoric to tragedies like the Charleston church shooting.

While violent rhetoric is nothing new for Trump, this latest expression of support for political violence comes at a time when the threat of such violence is dangerously high — and experts say Trump is making the problem worse.

This latest Twitter outburst of gleeful support for dangerous rhetoric shows exactly why.