Trump sued for 'super-creepy' sexual assault on campaign staffer


Admitted sexual predator Trump is accused once again of assaulting a woman.

Trump is being sued by a former campaign staffer, Alva Johnson, who says he kissed her without her consent. Trump has a long history of sexual assault and is an admitted sexual predator.

Johnson told the Washington Post that Trump leaned in and tried to kiss her on the lips outside a campaign rally in August 2016. She turned her head and was given an unwanted kiss on the side of her mouth.

Trump's actions were "super-creepy and inappropriate," she said.

"I immediately felt violated because I wasn’t expecting it or wanting it. I can still see his lips coming straight for my face," Johnson added.

On the day it happened, Johnson told her boyfriend, mother, and stepfather what had occurred and they confirmed her account with the Washington Post. The paper also confirmed that Johnson sent text messages to an attorney two months after the incident discussing the possibility of legal action.

Johnson is suing Trump for damages stemming from emotional pain and suffering. Her lawsuit also says that the Trump campaign discriminated against Johnson, who is black, by paying her less than her white counterparts who were similarly employed. Trump has a long history of personal racism, which has manifested itself in a series of racist comments and policies within the presidency.

Johnson told the paper she started considering coming forward after the October 2016 release of the "Access Hollywood" recording, in which Trump infamously bragged about grabbing women "by the pussy" and getting away with it.

"You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them," Trump said. "It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything."

That, according to the suit, is exactly what Trump did to Johnson: grabbing her and kissing her without waiting for her consent.

"You want to move on with your life," Johnson said. "I don’t sleep. I wake up at 4 in the morning looking at the news. I feel guilty. The only thing I did was show up for work one day," she said.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders denied the allegation, calling it "absurd on its face." However, Sanders has a long and sordid history of lying about multiple issues in defense of Trump. And given Trump's own admission of assaulting women, one more accusation against him is not necessarily absurd at all.

Trump has been credibly accused by multiple women of sexual assault and inappropriate sexual contact. He has made sexual comments about underage girls, and been accused of groping women. He has also defended other powerful men with patterns of sexual abuse, including Bill O'Reilly and Roger Ailes.

While all of the facts are not yet know, it would be hard for Trump’s defenders to claim he would never do such a thing — to Johnson or anyone else — when he has already admitted he has.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.