Trump wants to take money from schools to pay for billionaire tax cuts


By proposing huge cuts to domestic programs, including education, Trump makes his priorities crystal clear.

In order to pay for the massive handouts Republicans gave the richest one percent, Trump is looking to slash the federal budget by billions of dollars. To do so, he's taking aim at domestic programs, including education.

Republicans rammed their tax scam through Congress at the end of 2017, with the goal of lavishing wealthy corporations with billions of dollars in tax breaks. Wall Street banks saw record profits, and the bill ensured that more than 80 percent of the benefits would eventually make it into the pockets of the wealthiest one percent of Americans. Now, new data shows the GOP tax plan exploded the national deficit at the beginning of this fiscal year.

In order to pay for the massive debt created by the tax cuts, Trump needs to make correspondingly massive cuts elsewhere. So, Trump is taking aim at America's children, aiming to slash billions from the Education Department, along with other critical programs like environmental protection and foreign aid, all of which could see cuts of 5 percent or more.

The proposed cuts are already being met with stiff resistance.

"Instead of funding programs that help communities thrive, Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers sold out working and middle-class families to give massive tax breaks to the country's largest corporations and wealthiest individuals," Ryan Thomas, spokesperson for Tax March, told Shareblue Media. "As Trump tries once again to cut funding for public education, the American people will not forget that Republicans siphoned funding away from students and teachers to give cut taxes for the rich."

Sadly, this is not the first time Trump has looked to cut education funding. In last year's budget, Trump tried to take away billions from a program that helped train teachers on new instructional methods to improve student outcomes.

For most of President Obama's administration, Republican deficit hawk frauds like former Speaker Paul Ryan said the national deficit was the single most important issue in the country. But as soon as Republicans gained control of the White House and all of Congress in 2016, those concerns disappeared.

Now Trump wants to pretend to care about fiscal responsibility. And in order to show how much he cares, he is trying to finance tax cuts for billionaires on the backs of teachers and children.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.