Trump takes orders from Fox News: Raid health care to fund tax cuts for billionaires


Donald Trump got a new and terrible idea for his scheme to give tax cuts to billionaires by watching Fox News: gut health care to pay for it.


Taking a break from blaming Democrats for a terrorist attack on his watch, Donald Trump tweeted that the Senate should repeal an essential part of Obamacare and "use those savings" for tax cuts for billionaires and corporations.

Trump is advocating stripping health insurance from millions of Americans, then using that as a platform to hand out tax cuts and other giveaways to wealthy Americans like himself and his own children, who would get up to $4 billion if their dad gets his way.

If the nonsensical and selfish idea sounds like something straight out of the right-wing propaganda factory at Fox News, that's because it is.

Trump tweeted the idea a mere 20 minutes after he likely watched Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) push it on Fox News, which Trump said earlier in the morning that he was watching.

Once again, it seems Trump is outsourcing his policies to the pro-Trump propaganda network.

Among American voters, the Republican tax scheme is already facing the same problems health care did: it is massively unpopular.

Before the Republicans have released the text of the legislation — again, like the health care bill, being drafted behind closed doors — it is less popular than the 2004 plan to privatize social security. A paltry 25 percent think it is a good idea, while 38 percent said the same about the social security plan, which went down in flames.

And just like the health care failure, congressional Republicans are delaying a vote on their plan, presumably because they cannot get enough support from it even within their own party.

A big part of the rejection of the plan is that it hikes taxes on the middle class to pay for tax cuts for the rich. It also creates a major giveaway to the ultra-rich through a repeal of the estate tax, which would hand over as much as $4 billion to the Trump children.

Now Trump wants to couple that disastrous outcome with a health care initiative that would create even more havoc in the health care system than Trump has already caused. Trump's sabotage has already caused the ranks of the uninsured to increase after Obamacare did so much to get people covered. Now he wants to compound that with handouts to those at the top of the economic pyramid like himself.

But that is the sort of mess to be expected from someone who insists on showing every day how unsuited he is to the job he holds.