Trump takes vacation from mounting scandals to spend entire month of August golfing


Donald Trump is taking almost all of August off to enjoy a luxury vacation at his golf club resort in New Jersey.

Donald Trump will be taking the month of August off to relax and frolic at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

A notice filed by the FAA and highlighted by Time's Zeke Miller advises that from August 3-20, flight restrictions will be in place over the area, due to Trump. In the past, these notices have been issued in advance of Trump trips to the area.

Trump owns the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, a site he has used for his weekend getaways along with his resort Mar-a-Lago in Florida. Since becoming president, Trump has spent 16 percent of his time on a Trump resort property.

His taxpayer-funded luxury travel also serves to advertise the Trump properties and enrich Trump, since he has not followed tradition and divested as other presidents did from their financial holdings. It lets him use Air Force One, Marine One, the Secret Service and the prestige and grandeur of the American presidency to line his pockets.

His trips have also often caused major disruption for local businesses and police departments, incurring enormous costs that local constituencies have pushed Congress to resolve.

Trump is skipping out on Washington even as he demanded the Senate stay in town instead of recess to jam through the unpopular health care bill. Trump's decision is a reversal from his predecessor. President Barack Obama's first August in office was packed with events on a host of issues to promote his agenda.

Trump, meanwhile, has done very little to promote his own legislative goals.

The White House preemptively responded to likely criticism of his extended vacation, with top aide and Nazi sympathizer Sebastian Gorka arguing that Trump was entitled to extended time off because he has been "crushing it" in the presidency.

Trump has the lowest approval rating for a president in his first six months in U.S. history. The American people do not agree he is "crushing" anything but confidence in American leadership.