Fox host asks how Trump is supposed to talk to Mueller if he can't lie


How is it even fair that Trump can't lie under oath?

Trump's latest tweeted confession that he lied about the purpose of the 2016 Trump Tower meeting now has his supporters worried that he could end up lying his way into a perjury charge.

In a Sunday tweet, Trump admitted that the purpose of his campaign's 2016 meeting with Russian agents was to obtain "dirt" on Hillary Clinton — not to discuss adoptions, as Trump initially claimed.

On Monday afternoon's edition of "Outnumbered," Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano patiently explained the sort of legal jeopardy that Trump and his son could face over the Trump Tower meeting and the subsequent coverup.

Trump, Napolitano explained, is "worried about his son because his son testified, under oath, that this was not about dirt from Hillary, and that his father didn't know about it — and there appears to be evidence to the contrary."

Then, "Outnumbered" co-host Dagen McDowell made the incredible claim that special counsel Robert Mueller is setting a "perjury trap" for Trump — just because Trump is a serial liar who probably can't even stop himself from lying under oath.

"How in the world could he ever cooperate, and sit down with Mueller for an interview, knowing that if you tell one lie to Bob Mueller, he will move to file charges?" McDowell asked.

"He could not tell a lie," suggested Democratic strategist Jessica Tarlov. "That's always an option."

McDowell's question may have been unintentionally funny, but the issue is very serious.

McDowell is just the latest of many Trump fans and associates — including Napolitano and Trump's own lawyers — to observe that Trump would almost certainly perjure himself if he were to sit for an interview with Mueller.

And as Napolitano pointed out, Trump's Sunday tweet tightens the vise considerably.

If Trump met with Mueller and told him the truth, Trump could implicate his son for lying to Congress, and even implicate his own campaign for engaging in a conspiracy.

But if Trump lied to Mueller under oath, Mueller would likely have plenty of evidence to prove that Trump was lying — including some of Trump's own public statements.

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