Trump team desperately blames nonexistent 'Clinton administration' as Mueller closes in


The obsession with Hillary Clinton is reaching new levels of absurdity as the special counsel's investigation is zeroing in on Trump and his cronies.

Despite winning the popular vote, Hillary Clinton did not become president this past January.

But listening to some on the right, you'd never know it.

As special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation is closing in, including securing its first indictments, the fixation on Clinton by the Trump team and others on the right is escalating to the point that one begins to wonder if they've forgotten the outcome of the election.

The morning after news of the sealed indictments emerged, former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski went on Fox and Friends to attack the mythical "Clinton administration."

And Lewandowski isn't the only one pushing this bizarre idea.

As late night host Seth Myers noted while skewering Fox News for their Clinton obsession, "The Trump administration seems permanently inundated by scandal and constantly under siege ... which might explain why many on the right seem want to live in an alternate reality where Trump actually isn't president."

As Myers notes, Fox has repeatedly referred to the "real Russia" story — meaning the new revelations about the Trump "dossier" being partly funded by the Clinton campaign and the DNC — insisting that this is what Mueller ought to be investigating.

"The right, in the Trump era, doesn't have coherent principles or an ideology," Myers noted in his closing. "It just has enemies, which is why they prefer to inhabit an alternate reality where Hillary Clinton is president."

Indeed, rather than face the reality that they have brought upon themselves and the nation, Republicans have invented an alternate reality where self-induced problems can be blamed on their favorite scapegoat — even though she's a private citizen.

The idea of holding Trump accountable has been enough to drive 17 Republicans and counting out of Congress, fleeing rather than standing up for their party or the American people.

And it is no surprise that a party led by an self-admitted serial sexual predator has chosen to attack a smart, compentent woman rather than take a long look in the mirror and admit that the real problem is the Trump-rot of the Republican Party.