Trump team predicts 'spectacular' wins after 2 failed North Korea summits


Even though Trump has failed again and again with North Korea, his underlings still think he can bring about a 'spectacular' result.

Despite two massive and embarrassing failures to negotiate with North Korea on nuclear issues, the Trump administration is still insisting Trump could achieve success any day now — and that the results would be "spectacular," as national security adviser John Bolton boasted.

In an appearance on ABC's "This Week" Sunday, Bolton said Trump is "open" to scheduling a third summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, although "some time may have to go by" before it happens.

But, Bolton added, Trump is "prepared to engage again because he does think that the prospects for North Korea, which he’s been trying to persuade Kim Jong Un to accept if they denuclearized, are really quite spectacular."

Bolton has been one of the leading apologists for Trump's foreign policy failures, particularly on North Korea.

Even as he gave this interview, North Korea was reportedly preparing a missile launch at its facility in Sanumdong.

The launch preparations also coincided with the collapse of negotiations between the United States and North Korea in Hanoi, after Trump was unable to negotiate an agreement to denuclearize the country.

Instead of helping to secure the region and the rest of the world, all Trump managed to do was become the star of a North Korean propaganda film.

Trump's second failed meeting once again put the rogue regime on equal footing with the United States, and legitimized a nation that has been an international pariah for years.

Meanwhile, Trump has continued to play up his friendly relationship with Kim, who is a dictator — even repeatedly referring to him with the honorific "Chairman Kim."

Trump went into his first summit with North Korea unprepared — promising to use "my touch, my feel" to negotiate a complex international relations issue — and came away from the meeting falsely declaring that North Korea had denuclearized.

Trump also managed to insult a key American ally, South Korea, by pulling out of joint military exercises with the nation — an action that Kim, who loathes the democratic nation to the south, has long pushed for.

Trump and his professional apologists, like Bolton, cling to the notion that in spite of his dangerous ineptitude, Trump can still somehow generate "spectacular" results with North Korea.

It is a shared delusion that endangers the entire world.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.