Trump throws public tantrum at Congress for making him sign Russia sanctions


Boxed into a corner by his own party on foreign policy, Trump flew into yet another rage on Twitter.

One of the few remaining bipartisan agreements in Congress is that Donald Trump is too compromised on Russia to be allowed to repeal diplomatic sanctions on the country.

This is why the Russia sanctions bill, which prevents Trump from easing restrictions on the Putin regime or returning the two Russian spy compounds seized by the U.S., passed the House 419-3 and the Senate 98-2.

Trump is enraged that Congress has spoken with one voice to constrain his shady relationship with Russia. On Thursday morning, he took to social media to express his fury:

The passage of this bill is a particular blow to Trump because he has spent the past couple of weeks doing everything he could to stop it.

He first absurdly tried to claim he would reject the bill because it was too soft on Russia, even while his officials secretly lobbied to make it even softer. But eventually, he realized that the bill was veto-proof and no excuse he gave would matter.

He then stalled on signing the bill for several days, even as Russia expelled hundreds of U.S. diplomats, falsely claiming that the bill had not been sent to him yet.

Finally, on Wednesday, Trump caved and signed the bill. Angered by his defeat, Trump locked reporters out of the Oval Office and added a signing statement proclaiming the bill "seriously flawed." He then ran away before reporters could ask him questions.

Trump's outburst on Twitter is the action of a man who knows he has been beaten. It is time for him to move on and start thinking about how he can serve his own country instead of Russia.