Trump accidentally brags about thousands of job losses


Imaginary jobs are way up under Trump.

On Tuesday morning, Trump fired off a scattershot barrage of tweets on familiar topics, including one in which he quoted a Drudge headline that said "BOOM: USA Set to Be World's Largest Oil Producer."

"We are getting it done - jobs and security!" Trump claimed.

But like the 50,000 imaginary coal jobs and the Detroit car factory he invented last month, the oil jobs Trump is bragging about don't exist. In fact, oil industry employment has declined by several thousand jobs since Trump took office.

The report that Trump references is an International Energy Agency (IEA) study that projects U.S. oil production will lead the world by 2023, projecting a roughly 14 percent increase from 10.6 million barrels per day this year to 12.1 million barrels a day in 2023.

But crucially, the IEA report makes no mention of job creation, and the Wall Street Journal reports that "technological advances" and "improved efficiency" will enable the increased production.

The report also pegs the expected growth in output to higher oil prices, reminding us that while Trump was losing thousands of oil jobs, the price of crude oil jumped 20 percent since his inauguration. Gas prices have risen sharply as well under Trump.

First, Trump invented 50,000 new coal jobs that didn't exist, and now he's imagining job growth in another sector that has actually lost jobs under his administration.

Only Trump would try to distract people from the massive number of jobs he's killing with his trade policy by pointing out thousands of additional jobs lost, all set to the background of rising prices for American consumers.