Trump tries to take credit for new Ford jobs announced under Obama


Most of the new jobs Ford is adding in Michigan were actually announced in January 2017 — before Trump became president.

Trump made a fool of himself on Wednesday when he tried to take credit for an announcement from Ford that it will create 900 new jobs at a car plant in Flat Rock, Michigan.

"Great news from @Ford!" Trump tweeted. "They are investing nearly $1 BILLION in Flat Rock, Michigan for auto production on top of a $1 BILLION investment last month in a facility outside of Chicago. Companies are pouring back into the United States - they want to be where the action is!"

The problem?

The vast majority of those jobs were announced on Jan. 3, 2017 — more than two weeks before Trump took the oath of office, and when President Barack Obama was still in charge.

At the time, Ford announced it was canceling a plan to build a plant in Mexico, and would instead invest $700 million in the Flat Rock plant and create 700 new jobs.

What Ford announced Wednesday was just an expansion on that initial investment. The company will now invest an additional $200 million in the plant and create an additional 200 jobs, bringing the total investment to $900 million, the Associated Press reported.

Trump's touting of a manufacturing resurgence in the U.S. under his watch has always been overblown.

In fact, factory production actually shrunk in January, led in part by automotive companies like Ford and General Motors, which have laid off workers.

The struggles for car companies are a direct result of Trump's disastrous tariffs, Politico reported on Wednesday.

Trump's boastfulness about the economy is ultimately overblown. He's actually lucky the economy continues to chug along — despite his best efforts to tank it with his reckless trade policies.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.