Trump turned down Americans to hire foreign workers at Mar-a-Lago


Trump doesn't really believe in hiring American workers when it comes to his own properties.

So much for "America First."

BuzzFeed News on Friday published a bombshell report that shows Trump's gaudy Mar-a-Lago resort turned down dozens of American applicants for seasonal jobs, and instead hired low-wage foreign workers.

At least 58 American workers applied to work at Mar-a-Lago for a handful of jobs, such as housekeepers, cooks and servers. However, out of all of those applicants, just one was hired, BuzzFeed reported.

At the same time, BuzzFeed reported that Trump's company sought permission from the Department of Labor to hire more than 375 low-paid foreign workers on short-term visas.

BuzzFeed reported that businesses such as Trump's choose to hire foreign workers over American employees because they are easier to exploit, forcing them to work long hours for low pay.

Trump's use of foreign help flies in the face of his own immigration proposals, which include prioritizing high-skilled immigrants for admittance into the country.

This isn't the only time Trump has been caught being a hypocrite on immigration laws to benefit his own bottom line.

A Washington Post report from February found that Trump's New Jersey golf club engaged in a "systematic" practice of hiring undocumented workers, whom Trump could pay drastically less than American employees — allowing him to pocket more money.

Yes, Trump hired the same kinds of undocumented people whom he vilifies at every turn, and has vowed to deport from the country in droves.

"Tolerance for illegal immigration is not compassionate; it is actually very cruel," Trump said in his racist State of the Union address back in February.

Not only is Trump tolerating an exploitation of immigrants, but he's using them to boost the bottom line of his shady business empire.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.