Trump starts his morning whining about media instead of honoring D-Day


Every day, Trump exposes his fraudulent 'patriotism.'

Trump spent the first hours of the 74th anniversary of D-Day complaining about the media, while snubbing the heroes who died to protect our freedoms, including the right to a free press.

Trump was on Twitter Wednesday morning writing about such high priorities as what cable news show he happened to be watching — "Fox & Friends," naturally — and his latest complaints about what he calls the "Fake News Media."

Trump even bragged about "Putin's favorite congressman" Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, after Rohrabacher won just 30 percent of the vote in Tuesday night's California primary.

What Trump didn't do was tweet anything about the D-Day anniversary, which is made even more remarkable by the fact that CNN's John Berman called Trump out for his failure before Trump had sent a single tweet.

While interviewing Kellyanne Conway Wednesday morning, Berman repeatedly noted that Trump had yet to tweet about D-Day, even though "often, by this time, he's commented on the Russia investigation or other things."

Even after literally being called out in his own front yard, Trump proceeded to snub the solemn anniversary in his morning tweets.

And this was just hours after Trump forgot the words to several patriotic songs on national television at an event he was forced to hastily set up, thanks to his own campaign against the free political speech of NFL players.

And, barely a week ago, Trump used the occasion of Memorial Day to brag about himself.

Considering the many ways in which Trump has insulted the military and undermined the freedoms they fought for, perhaps the most patriotic thing Trump could do on a day like this is to remain completely silent.