Trump whines about Clinton as Texas children hide from active shooter


As news reports of an active shooter situation at Santa Fe High School in Texas emerged, Trump used his Twitter feed to once again complain about Hillary Clinton and the FBI's investigation of his campaign.

Trump used his highly read Twitter feed to once again complain about Hillary Clinton, just as news reports began to surface of yet another active shooter at an American school.

Sante Fe High School in Houston, Texas, is reportedly the site of an active shooter incident. There are reports from students at the school that they were evacuated from the building, and that law enforcement surrounded the campus to contain the shooter.

As this news broke, Trump wrote, "Why isn’t disgraced FBI official Andrew McCabe being investigated for the $700,000 Crooked Hillary Democrats in Virginia."

Even as news continued to stream in about the situation, including video of school children walking across school grounds to save their lives, Trump kept up his rant.

He published another tweet: "Reports are there was indeed at least one FBI representative implanted, for political purposes, into my campaign for president."

The substance of the tweets rehash long-debunked conspiracy theories about the ongoing FBI investigation of his presidential campaign. The investigation has netted several convictions and indictments of top Trump campaign officials, despite Trump's infantile rants.

But the decision to tweet about the topic as children run for their lives from yet another school shooting shows Trump's incessant narcissism surfacing once again. He could not put a pause on his personal grievance to at least give the semblance of human sympathy with children running for their lives.

Trump is attached at the hip to the NRA and does the gun lobbyist group's bidding in refusing to push for any serious remedies to the problem of mass shootings.

But he could have at least pretended to care about an incident in progress. Instead, getting a dig in against Clinton after she defeated him by nearly 3 million in the popular vote was a higher priority.