Trump uses farmer event to make each of his aides say how 'calm' he is


Trump is upset the world is mocking his meltdown, so he begged aides to say he was 'calm.'

Trump spoke at a Thursday White House event that was supposed to be about helping farmers — and managed to turn it into a bizarre public therapy session to soothe his hurt feelings about negative news coverage.

Trump has been widely criticized and mocked for petulantly shutting down negotiations over infrastructure with Democrats on Wednesday.

As farmers and other officials stood behind him, Trump called upon several of his White House underlings to reassure him that, in fact, he had been very "calm" during his meltdown the day before.

"I walked out, I was so calm, you all saw me minutes later, I was at a news conference, I was extremely calm," Trump said. He wasn't.

Not satisfied with his own retelling of the story, Trump then made the moment a farce by calling on five of his subordinates one-by-one to testify on his behalf.

"Very calm, no temper tantrum," said Kellyanne Conway.

"You were very calm you were very direct," reassured aide Mercedes Schlapp.

"You were very calm," added top economic adviser Larry Kudlow.

"Very calm and straightforward," said White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.

Deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley told Trump he had "every right" to be angry during the exchange, but still backed up the "calm" story pushed by his fellow Trump sycophants.

Trump's claim that he was "calm" is betrayed by the angry and rambling Rose Garden appearance he gave right after the meeting on Wednesday, where he attacked Democrats for conducting oversight of his corrupt presidency.

Trump showed that it is always about him and how he is perceived.

Trump is the one who has caused farmers' economic problems with his trade war — and he hurt them once again by putting his own ego first at an event that was supposed to be about them.

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