Trump uses Russia investigation to cash in


Trump is disrespecting the federal investigation into his behavior by using it as yet another opportunity to raise money for his re-election campaign, behavior which often ends up in personal profit for Trump.

Donald Trump told reporters he had "respect" for the Justice Department's decision to appoint a special counsel to investigate him, but less than 24 hours after the remark, he began using it to raise money for his re-election campaign.

Trump is using his and Mike Pence's Facebook accounts to run advertising describing the investigation as "sabotage" of his administration.

Despite allegations that he tried to tamper with an ongoing FBI investigation by firing FBI head James Comey, the Trump ad claims that "the fake news is working hand-in-hand with Washington's corrupt bureaucracy to try to slow and block our America First Agenda."

The ads also reinforce Trump's repeated, pathetic complaint that any negative news story about him is "fake news."

The advertising directs supporters to donate to Trump's re-election campaign. If his last campaign is any indicator, a portion of those funds could find their way back to Trump's bank account.

In 2016, more than $11 million of the money donated to Trump's campaign went to reimbursing Trump businesses, for "flights, hotel stays, meals and services for him and his staff members, as well as office space in the tower he owns on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan," plus travel on his private jet.

Instead of respect for the legal process and the investigation prompted by his unethical and perhaps criminal behavior, Trump is doing what he has always done throughout his entire life: targeting average citizens to make himself wealthier.