Trump loses his latest wall fight just 8 days after televised tantrum


Trump said he would be 'proud' to shut down the government unless he got $5 billion to build his wall. Now he's giving in and getting nothing.

Trump has once again lost the argument to Democrats in Congress and will be signing a bill to fund the government that won't include the $5 billion he demanded to build his border wall.

Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-TX) confirmed to CNN that Trump will "sign a clean [continuing resolution]."

The resolution offered by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-TN) will fund the government through Feb. 8. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi have both said Democrats will support the short-term bill to keep the government open.

Pelosi but called the short-term bill "a missed opportunity to pass full-year funding bills now. However, Democrats will be ready to fully, responsibly fund our government in January, and we will support this continuing resolution."

By the time the new bill expires, Trump and his fellow Republicans will have even less power. Pelosi will once again be speaker of the House, thanks to Democrats picking up 40 seats in the midterm elections, and she's made it clear her party will not give Trump $5 billion to build a wall.

Meanwhile, extremist Republicans in the House are furious at losing this fight yet again. Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, noting that there's no chance of wall funding with Pelosi as speaker, wrote, "Give me a break."

North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows said the continuing resolution "not only gives Democrats a Christmas present, it offers them a Valentine’s Day gift." He added, "Democrats will win, the wall will not be built."

Just last week, Trump hosted Pelosi and Schumer in a disastrous White House meeting where he attempted to bully the two Democratic leaders into supporting funding for his wall obsession. Trump mistakenly thought allowing reporters to witness and record his attempted negotiation would somehow benefit him.

Instead, both Democrats openly rebuked Trump, fact-checked his lies to his face, and made clear that they would not waste tax dollars on the useless enterprise.

Pelosi bluntly told Trump "there are no votes" for his wall, as he continued to fume and bluster in full view of the cameras he had assembled for his ambush.

Frustrated and outsmarted, Trump threw a tantrum for all the world to see.

"If we don't get what we want," he said, "I will shut down the government." He even said he would be "proud" to do it.

A mere eight days later, Trump has conceded, faced with Republicans wary of facing the heat of yet another shutdown and the resulting political fallout for the party.

Trump keeps demanding money for the wall he insisted Mexico would pay for. Democrats, backed by the American people, keep telling him no. And Trump and the Republicans keep losing. Sad!

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.