Trump really wants to bring alleged abuser Rob Porter back to White House


Trump wants men who abuse women to run the country and have access to its most sensitive secrets.

Trump desperately wants to have his former aide Rob Porter, who faced credible accusations of domestic abuse, back at his side.

The White House kept Porter on staff for months, despite accusations from his two ex-wives of abuse. Even after several media outlets reported on his record, the White House continued to defend him.

It was not until a photo of his battered ex-wife Colbie Holderness was published that he was forced to resign.

While he was working at the White House, Porter could not pass a standard background check because he had a protective order issued against him. Instead of expelling him right away, Trump kept him on and made exceptions for him so that he could access classified material.

Trump even defended him after his resignation in February.

"We hope he has a wonderful career," Trump said at an abruptly called meeting with the press that month. He repeatedly expressed sadness about Porter's departure.

Now the New York Times reports that Trump, an avowed misogynist and self-confessed abuser of women, wants Porter back in his inner circle.

Trump has "stayed in touch" with him and has reportedly told aides that he views Porter as an extension of himself and that he has received public criticism targeted to Trump.

The disgraced former aide has been advising Trump on his poorly-thought-out plan to raise tariffs that would increase the costs of goods and services.

Trump now blames the firing on chief of staff John Kelly. It is an odd conclusion, since Kelly has toed the party line on Porter, initially praising him in a press release. Even since the details of his removal came out, Kelly still has not expressed even rote sympathy for the women allegedly beaten up by a senior White House aide.

Previously, Trump blamed communications director Hope Hicks for the botched handling of Porter. Soon after the cover-up came to light, Hicks left the White House. A "boys club" atmosphere has been the default position for the Trump team since the start, and absent Hicks, they seem to be embracing that mindset even more.

The Porter cover-up revealed a major intelligence breach, where several top Trump aides have received access to classified materials, even though they were not cleared by intelligence agencies.

Trump has been cavalier with American safety, and his wholehearted embrace of abusing women is how national secrets were endangered.

He likes abusers and certainly seems to identify with them. Apparently, that is the type of broken man he wants around him to determine policy for the entire nation.