Trump spends weekend in full-blown panic after felony evidence emerges


After evidence of his direct involvement in felonies became public knowledge, Trump launched into an embarrassing series of tweets meant to deflect attention from the damning details.

Trump responded to increasing evidence of his direct involvement in federal crimes with a desperate spree of tweets intended to deflect blame and draw attention away from his misdeeds.

In court filings related to Trump's former personal lawyer Michael Cohen, prosecutors laid out how they believe Trump directed the commission of federal crimes.

Neal Katyal, former acting solicitor general of the United States, bluntly assessed the damning evidence and said the prosecutors had concluded "that Donald J. Trump has committed a serious felony."

In response to the revelations Trump went on a wild, unfocused 17-tweet weekend bender.

Sounding more like a third-rate mobster than a president, Trump slammed Michael Cohen for being a "rat," and accused the FBI of "illegally" breaking into Cohen's office as part of their investigation. The FBI had legal search warrants for the operation.

Trump also amplified some of the few people willing to still defend his corrupt behavior — Fox News guests like Ken Starr and Wall Street Journal editorial writer Daniel Henninger.

He whined about Democrats refusing to give him his useless wall for "boarder (sic) security."

He repeatedly invoked "missing" text messages from FBI agents who were investigating his campaign's involvement with Russian operatives, part of the Fox News counter-narrative designed to minimize the significance of Trump campaign efforts to collude with a foreign power.

He floated the idea of suing Saturday Night Live, accusing the weekly comedy show of being a "Democrat spin machine." (Trump once hosted SNL).

And he celebrated the shuttering of the conservative Weekly Standard, decrying them for being "pathetic and dishonest."

The haphazard communiques are unlikely to work. Most Americans — 62 percent in the recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll — believe he's been lying about what his campaign did in 2016.

Trump sits in the center of a criminal enterprise. America knows what he did, and they do not like it. They don't believe his denials. And his crazed attempts to distract from his problems will not work.

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