Trump whines Democratic memo exposing his Russia cover-up is too 'long' to release


Trump is now using the length of the Democratic memo debunking his Russia cover up as an excuse to block its release. It is only 10 pages long.

In his latest excuse for blocking its release, Donald Trump is claiming that the 10-page Democratic memo rebutting the Republican Party's spin on the Russia investigation is too long.

In a tweet posted Saturday morning, Trump said the Democratic memo was "very political and long," concluding that it was part of a plan to force his hand by including "sources and methods (and more)" so "they would blame the White House for lack of transparency."

The excuse is just the latest in a series of moves orchestrated by Trump to block the release of the document, while the partisan memo authored by his supporter Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) continues to be laughed at.


The Trump complaint also highlights recent reporting that has revealed Trump can't focus long enough on serious intelligence briefings that are being delivered to him.

The Washington Post reported that intelligence agencies are concerned that Trump can't focus on written briefings and is instead having oral summaries delivered to him every two to three days.

According to the Post, Trump keeps bringing up his tweets as a topic of discussion with his briefers.

It is no wonder, then, that a 10-page memo feels like "War and Peace" to him.

Trump's tweet also unintentionally indicts his fellow Republicans in this conspiracy. The House Intelligence Committee, which is led by Republicans in the majority, voted unanimously for the release of the memo.

Does his opposition to the release mean that Republicans — who have been working on the committee to cover up for him — are also against him?

His flawed argument echoes a line of attack that has been promoted on Fox News for the past week: that the Democratic memo is a poison-pill document. Yet Trump and fellow Republicans were happy to release the Republican memo, even as the FBI warned against its release.

The excuse-making is piling up and none of it makes sense. At the end of the day, this is nothing more than a toxic conspiracy theory intended to distract from the Russia investigation while Trump continues to endanger national security with his infamously inattentive personality.