White House thought ripping families apart was a great midterm strategy


The White House's cruel family separation policy was not spontaneous, but long-planned as an election strategy.

The Trump administration is orchestrating the serial abuse of migrant children — because they believe it is a winning issue for Republicans in upcoming midterm elections this fall.

Specifically, senior Trump adviser Stephen Miller said the cruel and inhumane policy of separating families was a way to expose what he perceives as a weakness in the Democratic Party.

The series of interlocking moves on immigration have been in the works for a year, White House sources told Politico, proving that the cruelty was not spontaneous but long-planned.

The outlet reported the current harsh immigration policy, and the manipulation of existing rules to make the policy crueler, come from the White House Domestic Policy Council, which is Miller's domain.

To attack Democrats, Trump gave Miller the go-ahead to hurt thousands of lives. And Miller is trying to leverage abuse against the largely Latino population of immigrants to make his case about Democrats.

Speaking to Breitbart News on May 24, the Trump adviser said immigration policy "is the fundamental political contrast and political debate that is unfolding right now."

Miller said, "The Democratic Party is at grave risk of completely marginalizing itself from the American voters by continuing to lean into its absolutist anti-enforcement positions."

But it looks like Miller was wrong. His crass and cynical approach is blowing up in the Trump team's faces. Widespread public outrage about ripping families apart has put Trump and Republicans on the defensive.

Now, Trump's White House is repeatedly lying and blaming Democrats for the humanitarian crisis of their own making.

The Trump White House hoped they could tell voters Democrats are soft on border security, but instead they have exposed their own astonishing cruelty and lack of compassion.

Millions of Americans now see what Trump and Miller have built together. And they don't like it.