Donald Trump will be on trial in three weeks


If Donald Trump wins the election, he would be the first president-elect in modern memory to face multiple civil trials. If the corporate media would take a break from Clinton's emails, the American people might become aware of this crucial fact.

In June, a USA Today analysis found that Donald Trump and his businesses "have been involved in at least 3,500 legal actions in federal and state courts during the past three decades" — a number which is "unprecedented for a presidential nominee," even one with a long business career.

He currently faces multiple pending civil suits, at least one of which — a case in California regarding a class-action lawsuit alleging fraud against Trump University — is scheduled to go to trial only three weeks after the election. A request to delay the trial was denied.

In July, presidential experts told NBC New York that Trump "appears to be the first nominee of a major political party in modern memory to be the subject of ongoing litigation."

His campaign has been described as "unprecedented" for many reasons, and the pending legal challenges he faces as a result of his shady businesses practices are unprecedented, too.

These are critically important considerations for voters as they make their choice for president.