Trump's approval rating plunges to new low following GOP's health care fiasco


The wheels are coming off at the White House as chaos envelopes Trump.

The White House suffered a week from hell at the end of July, which included a series of spectacular staff implosions, getting rebuked by the Boy Scouts, and watching the Republican Party’s last-minute failure to pass health care legislation.

Now, for the White House, comes the hellish polling data to confirm Donald Trump’s plunging status.

That data includes a stunningly bad 33 percent approval rating in the latest Quinnipiac poll. This marks a new low for Trump in any of the major polling firms that have been tracking him since his inauguration.

Overall, the survey provides the White House with an avalanche of bad news. It shows Trump losing support from virtually every voter group, including white men, who now as a group are evenly split on Trump. Trump won 63 percent of white male voters last November.

Not only does a clear majority of Americans not approve of Trump’s job performance, but even more don’t like him or his personal traits: He’s not levelheaded, he’s not honest, he’s not a good leader, and he doesn’t care about average Americans.

A clear majority (58-37) believes Trump "has attempted to derail or obstruct the investigation into the Russian interference in the 2016 election," according Quinnipiac.

By contrast, a microscopic 28 percent of Americans support Trump’s handling of health care.

Of course it was the GOP’s health care failure last week, after promising to repeal and replace Obamacare for seven years, that defined the White House’s recent drumbeat of setbacks.

Not to be overlooked though, and likely adding to Trump’s deep polling woes, are his war with his own attorney general, his AWOL secretary of state, his refusal to get tough with Russia, his doomed communications director, his widely condemned ban on transgender military members, his “joke” about police brutality, and his sacked chief of staff,

And that was all just last week.

The new Quinnipiac poll simply amplifies other bouts of data bad news for Trump. Today, Gallup shows Trump’s disapproval rating climbing to a new high of 60 percent. How bad is that? It took President George W. Bush nearly 1,900 days in office hit that unenviable plateau.

Meanwhile, Rasmussen on Monday reported its polling showed Trump’s approval had fallen below 39 percent for the first time. That was telling because the GOP-friendly poll has always served as a pro-Trump outlier. He loves the firm’s polling results so much he once touted it as "the most accurate."