Trump's despotic attack on a federal judge backfires


Donald Trump's attack on the (Republican-appointed) federal judge who ruled to temporarily block enforcement of his Muslim ban exposes the depth of his disdain for the rule of law and the Constitution. If the initial reaction to this autocratic attack is any indication, Trump's poor standing with the American people is about to get even worse.

America's greatness is grounded in the rule of law. But Donald Trump's response to an order by a well-respected federal judge suspending enforcement of the president's immigration ban was to lash out, calling him a "so-called judge." Americans of all stripes know that even presidents are bound to follow the law.  After the court issued its ruling, Washington's Attorney General made that plain:

Trump thinks otherwise, making an un-American attack that is being met with appropriate criticism:

This is not about partisan politics or policy differences. This is about a fundamental respect for America and the system of laws that make it great. Donald Trump has shown, again, that he has none.