Trump's favorite motorcycle company is shuttering a plant thanks to GOP tax scam


Harley-Davidson is struggling. The Republican tax scam only made things worse — and hundreds are losing their jobs.

Republicans promised their trillion-dollar tax break for corporations and billionaires at the expense of the middle class would be repaid for everyone in an explosion of new jobs and higher wages.

It has not worked out that way. Wages remain stagnant apart from a few one-time bonuses that were largely pre-planned anyway. And many companies are cutting jobs, like Walmart, which laid off thousands of employees and closed 63 Sam’s Club stores the day Donald Trump’s administration praised its treatment of workers, and Kimberly-Clark, which cut 5,000 jobs explicitly because of the tax bill.

Now, Trump is suffering a new humiliation as one of his favorite businesses is scaling back its operations.

Harley-Davidson will be shuttering its manufacturing plant in Kansas City, Missouri, resulting in roughly 800 layoffs, USA TODAY reports. Moreover, the decision is due to an $8.3 million quarterly earnings drop triggered "in part because of a charge associated with President Trump’s tax cut."

Trump has frequently expressed admiration for Harley-Davidson. He plugged the company repeatedly during the campaign and a speech to a joint session of Congress, met with its executives at the White House, and has generally delighted in biker rallies. Trump has said that bikers “have been so good to me” and are “fantastic people who truly love our country.”

Democratic leaders have repeatedly warned that blue-collar and middle-class families will get the short end of the tax bill. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said the small one-time checks being written to workers are, compared to the size of the newly untaxed profits and stock buybacks, basically just “crumbs” and a PR stunt. They're not growing or saving jobs.

This, however, is worse than “crumbs.” Dedicated workers are losing their jobs after being told that Trump and his allies in Congress were going to give them an economic boom.

Trump may boast the bikers have been good to him, but he has not been good to them. Taxing motorcycle manufacturing plants out of business is a pretty poor way to express his affection.