Trump’s first Twitter “like” of 2018: Steve Wynn committing sexual abuse


Trump has only liked 25 tweets — ever.

Donald Trump is notorious for throwing the world into chaos with his tweets. But for someone who jumps on Twitter as frequently as he does, he rarely "likes" other people’s tweets.

That's why Trump’s first "like" of 2018 is so bizarre.

Just before 10 PM on Friday, Trump hit the "like" button for the first time this year — and the tweet he liked was a Wall Street Journal article detailing allegations of sexual abuse at the hands of rival casino mogul Steve Wynn.

Trump_Twitter Like_Steve Wynn

Why Trump would like this news is anyone’s guess, seeing as Wynn is the financial chief of the Republican National Committee and has amicably lobbied the White House, including in the controversial case of Chinese businessman Guo Wengui.

In his entire time on Twitter, Trump has only liked 25 tweets, most of which are either self-promotional or from family members.

In a mark of irony, the Republican Party is deathly silent on the Wynn story, after they had spent months trying to paint the sex crimes of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein as reflective on all Democrats. So Trump’s like is one of the only statements we have from the GOP on the matter.

It is hard to fathom what is in Trump’s mind. But speculating is unlikely to yield results.