Trump's friends schedule fake events at failing Mar-a-Lago to make him feel better


Mar-a-Lago members can't even talk their friends into being seen at the club, so Trump allies are filling the empty space.

Following the trajectory of his previous properties, Donald Trump’s private resort in Palm Beach is failing. But in a bid to make him feel better about another failed business venture, Trump allies are booking Mar-a-Lago for events that were reportedly scheduled just to fill the empty space at Trump's club.

Mar-a-Lago was once considered the place to be in the Palm Beach social scene. However, since Trump took office, the ritzy resort has suffered a serious blow to its reputation due to its association with the embarrassment named Trump.

In August, at least 16 charities pulled their events from Mar-a-Lago after Trump blamed the violence in Charlottesville on "both sides" and referred to white supremacists as "very fine people."

But it's not just charities that are distancing themselves from Trump's resort.

According to Shannon Donnelly, the society editor for the Palm Beach Daily NewsMar-a-Lago members can't even talk their friends into being seen at the club. Instead, they're taking their business to another Palm Beach club called the Breakers — a resort Trump once derided for getting “the leftovers" from Mar-a-Lago.

“People will still put on their dancing shoes, and pay big money for their tickets, and go out for the night," Donnelly told the Washington Post. But, she added, "instead of going to Mar-a-Lago, they’ll be going to the Breakers."

As people flee the resort, Trump's allies have come together and, in a bid to make him feel better about yet another failed business venture, have started booking events at Mar-a-Lago just so it doesn't sit empty.

Among those slated to host events at Trump's resort in the near future are televangelist Pat Robertson — head of the Christian Broadcasting Network and a steadfast Trump supporter — along with the Trumpettes, a pro-Trump fan club comprised of wealthy older women.

The event hosted by the Christian Broadcasting Network will be its first at Mar-a-Lago, and according to Newsweek, Robertson scheduled the gala "just so it could take place there."

Another group of Trump supporters called The Young Republican National Federation hosted its first event at Mar-a-Lago just last week. The gala featured "a speech from singer and Trump cheerleader Joy Villa, who celebrated conspiracy theorist and Sandy Hook-denier Alex Jones," Newsweek reported.

It's embarrassing enough that Trump has another failure on his hands. But it's downright humiliating that his allies are laying down money just to make sure Mar-a-Lago doesn't sit empty — and that Trump's ego doesn't take a hit.