Trumps plot casino in 'Vegas of Asia,' despite pledging no 'new international projects'


A development company linked to Donald Trump is reportedly pursuing a major project in Southern China. But Eric Trump promised months ago that the family would not pursue further "international projects" now that Trump occupied the Oval Office.

Back in March, Eric Trump told Fox News' Maria Bartiromo that the Trump Organization would cease any and all overseas real estate development projects now that his father was in the White House.

"In light of politics," he declared, "we’ve said ‘hey, listen, we’re not going to expand anymore internationally. We’re not going to do any new international projects.’"

But it seems the younger Trump may not have been telling the truth about their plans.

Quelle surprise.

First reported by the South China Morning Post, DTTM Operations, LLC — which has a business address in Trump Tower — filed four trademark applications in the autonomous region of Macau in southern China, known as a gambling mecca and a favored destination for casino developers and sometimes called the "Las Vegas of Asia."

And among those four trademark applications was one for "gambling and casino services and facilities."

In addition to the 38 trademarks approved by China earlier this year, for a range of money-making gambits — including hotels, massage parlors, and escort services — it appears that "new international projects" remain front and center on the Trump Organization agenda.

Donald Trump's dealings with China were already the subject of concern among some Democrats, and this new venture will only serve to raise more questions.

Incidentally, Trump's poor business history of multiple bankruptcies — bankruptcies while running casinos — betrays a stunning lack of financial wisdom regarding this new project, on top of the ethically and constitutionally dubious nature of it.

It is distressingly unsurprising that Trump may be using his political might to further his business interests, and also that his son would have so easily lied about plans to do so.

And it certainly will do nothing to dispel the darkening cloud hanging over this administration for their other deceitful dealings with foreign entities.