Slip: Trump's son just gave away the real reason he's hiding his taxes


Nothing Donald Trump does ever receives the same insistent drumbeat reserved for Hillary Clinton. Her emails, foundation, transcripts, lack of a press conference, even her cough, all get obsessive treatment from the corporate media. Meanwhile Trump's myriad transgressions are limited to short news cycles and dropped. The ultimate example is his unprecedented refusal to release tax returns.

Donald Trump has repeatedly said he won't release his taxes because he's under audit. But that dubious rationale has been disputed by Warren Buffett, among many others.

A week ago, Trump gave himself away by saying he would release his tax returns immediately if Hillary Clinton produced her deleted personal emails.

If that wasn't enough, now we get a big slip-up from Donald Trump Jr.

So it's about what's in the taxes after all.

Which really wasn't much of a mystery to begin with.