Trump's strategy for fighting terrorism: promote Drudge, slam the grieving


It is now an undeniable pattern. Donald Trump uses terrorist attacks as opportunities to congratulate himself and attack his political opponents. This time, following the latest horrific attacks in London, he took it to a ghoulish new level, championing a right-wing misinformation site and attacking the mayor of the grieving city.

These are the moments that we need presidential leadership most.

With Donald Trump, we won't get it.

As President Obama reminded us this week, we have "the absence of American leadership."

Once again, Trump is using an act of terrorism to champion himself and his political allies and attack at his political opponents. When the news of the attacks in London broke last night, he retweeted a link to the right-wing Drudge Report and plugged his unconstitutional Muslim ban. This morning, in addition to attacking "political correctness," he turned his fire on the mayor of London.

This was the London Mayor's message of vigilance, condemning the attacks and urging Londoners to remain calm, in the immediate aftermath attack:

Trump responded by slamming him:

Rather than bringing us together, Donald Trump divides us. Rather than comforting the grieving, he slams them.

We are truly experiencing the absence of leadership.