Trump's support among Fox News viewers plunges 32 points in stunning new poll


Trump is clearly a failed president — and no amount of propaganda can hide it.

Fox News, known for its rightward slant, has consistently gone to bat for Donald Trump, both during the campaign and through his first year in office. But a new poll from Suffolk University shows that, since arriving at the Oval Office, Trump’s numbers have cratered — even among loyal Fox viewers.

In January, people who rated Fox as their most trusted network held a 90 percent favorable view of Trump. Now, that figure stands at 58 percent — a staggering 32-point drop.

The souring of Fox viewers on Trump is not for the network’s lack of trying to shield him from any and all allegations of incompetency or wrongdoing.

Since the beginning of the Russia investigation, for instance, Fox commentators have viciously attacked the motives and impartiality of the FBI and of special counsel Robert Mueller, despite the fact that there is not a shred of evidence of misconduct by Mueller, and that he and Trump-appointed FBI director Christopher Wray are both Republicans.

As legendary Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein put it recently, Fox is “abetting a cover-up" led by the Trump White House, and they're not about to let things like facts and evidence get in the way.

When Trump appears on the network, he is greeted with softball interview questions and sycophant-like praise from reporters who are supposed to be holding him accountable — not patting him on the back.

But despite the best efforts of Fox News, it is now impossible to ignore how embattled Trump has become.

Multiple former Trump campaign and administration officials have been indicted. His legislative priorities have floundered. And as women around the country continue to expose sexual predation by prominent men in entertainment, business, media, and politics, the nearly two dozen women who have accused Trump of harrassment or sexual assault are back in the spotlight.

Suffolk’s findings dovetail with other recent polls showing Trump, and the entire GOP, are becoming completely radioactive with voters — perhaps because most of the country is appalled by their embrace of an accused serial child molester.

Fox News should stop trying to prolong the inevitable. Just one year in, Trump is clearly a failed president — and no amount of propaganda can hide it.