Trump's tweets attacking CNN are helping actual slave traffickers


Donald Trump's tweets attacking CNN have led to that network's important reporting on human trafficking being questioned. His tweets are now aiding slave traffickers.

International slave traffickers have a powerful new ally: Donald Trump.

A CNN expose on modern-day slavery in Libya is now being challenged by news outlets in that country, citing Trump's recent tirade about "fake news" at the cable network.

218TV, a Libyan TV network, called the report into question with a story headlined "CNN lies... what about the 'slavery' report from Libya?" The report goes on to say that "after Trump's tweet, legal steps could start to sue the channel (CNN) in international courts for its reports."


Trump recently attacked CNN's international channel, writing, "CNN International is still a major source of (Fake) news, and they represent our Nation to the WORLD very poorly. The outside world does not see the truth from them!"

The tweet came just days after a report aired on CNN showing migrants being sold in slave auctions in Libya. The story has prompted international outrage and a call for investigations from the United Nations.

Matthew Rycroft, UK ambassador to the United Nations, told reporters, "Those images on CNN shocked because they showed that this most degrading form of exploitation is tragically not a thing of the past."

Now, because of Trump's reckless tweeting, the important reporting is being undermined in a fashion that aids slave traffickers.

Trump's tweets are a constant source of racism, conspiracy theories, and childish insults — when he's not promoting Nazis and white supremacists. But unfortunately, due to his position, they also have a major impact, both across America and the world.

His recklessness has already sparked international diplomatic incidents, and now he is undermining the global movement against slavery.

Trump's CNN tweets were a part of his endless complaining about the network for reporting on negative news about his failing administration. The irony is that even though Trump attacks CNN so often, the network devoted hundreds of hours to giving him free airtime, and has hired several pro-Trump shills.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton said of Trump, "A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons."

The world is now dealing with the fallout of Trump's Twitter eruptions.