Feminist First Ladies join forces to defeat sexist Trump — what a time to be alive


Hillary Clinton, our first major-party female nominee, and Michelle Obama, our first Black First Lady, together onstage, two feminist First Ladies joining forces against Donald Trump. What a time to be alive.

Donald Trump has run a bitter, divisive, bigoted campaign. It is enough to demoralize even the most hardy optimistic progressives.

Watching Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama campaign together for the first time is the invigorating balm we needed.

Not just because their shared vision for the future is inspiring. Not just because the policies they advocate are to build bridges rather than walls. Not just because they are two women who deeply care about people, and it shows in their every word.

But also because their very presence onstage together, their unreserved admiration for one another, their friendship, is inherently a rejection of everything for which Trump stands.

They are the leaders we need. They are women of strength and achievement. They are the very embodiment of a future rooted in dignity and respect for women and girls. They are stronger together.

These two feminist First Ladies. These two women who set an example of what leading with love and kindness looks like.

Watch the entire event below: