Ultimate embarrassment: Trump loses his own Breitbart debate poll


Hillary Clinton completed her sweep of the presidential debates Wednesday night with a victory so complete, even respondents to the (unscientific) online Breitbart snap poll granted her an overwhelming victory in the hours after the debate. What's notable is that Trump campaign CEO Stephen Bannon ran that website until he went on leave to chair Trump's presidential bid.

Hillary Clinton's sweep of the presidential debates has been confirmed by numerous scientific polls. In a delicious irony, after the third and final debate, even the unscientific Breitbart snap poll favored Clinton:

What's remarkable is that even after people on Twitter started mocking Trump over Clinton's huge 59%-41% lead two hours after the debate ended, it continued to hold the following morning. As of this writing, she still holds a 51.92%-48.08% lead with 218,265 votes cast.


UPDATE: Trump has finally taken a narrow lead in this unscientific poll.