Under Trump, American jobs sent overseas hits five-year record high


Almost 100,000 jobs have been lost to overseas competition since Trump took office — a higher rate than at any time in the past five years.

A new report shows that American jobs are going overseas at a higher volume than average, disproving Donald Trump's claim that he is bringing jobs back to the U.S.

Good Jobs Nation analyzed data from the Department of Labor and found that since Trump was elected, 93,000 American jobs have been lost to foreign competition. That is an increase from an average of 87,500 annually over the past 5 years.

Soon after his election, Trump made a big show of his "deal" to keep jobs from Carrier Corporation in Indiana, boasting, "Companies are not going to leave the United States anymore without consequences."

But almost immediately, the Carrier deal was exposed as a sham, and a sterling example of how Trump has lied about his ability to keep jobs in the country.

Along with Mike Pence, Trump had simply arranged a $7 million bribe to Carrier, which then proceeded to send jobs overseas anyway.

The Trump team never forced Carrier to keep their jobs in the United States, since they were simply looking for positive headlines at the start of their administration. Hundreds of Carrier employees have been fired since the deal was announced.

Chuck Jones, then-head of United Steelworkers 1999, raised the alarm on the deal when it was first announced, only to be personally attacked by Trump — prompting death threats.

Writing in the Washington Post, Jones notes how Trump has utterly failed to use his power to help American workers: "The truth is that even though Trump has signed more than 100 executive orders since he took office, he has yet to sign a single one to stop offshoring by federal contractors."

Trump family businesses continue to outsource manufacturing overseas, just as they did when Trump directly controlled them. The Trump Organization, now run by his sons but still lining Trump's pockets because he refuses to divest, just rolled out an entire slate of merchandise that was made in China and Bangladesh.

Ivanka Trump also profits from millions of dollars in outsourced merchandise, some of it assembled by companies accused of inhumanely treating their employees.

Like everything about his entire career, Trump is all smoke and mirrors on jobs and workers. He speaks constantly about his supposed commitment to the average worker, but when push comes to shove, he is in it for the ultra-wealthy like himself and the corporations they own.

The Republican tax plan that Trump is pushing for is a clear example of his skewed priorities. It won't help American workers at all.

The Economic Policy Institute analyzed the plan, and found that the benefits were skewed against the families Trump claimed he would help. Instead, most of the tax cuts will go to giant corporations.

They concluded, "This Robin Hood-in-reverse plan would be a disaster for most working families, and is nothing more than a payoff to the Trump family and the wealthy individuals and big business that helped put him in office."

Trump promised America "so much winning," but on issue after issue — and especially on stopping jobs from going overseas and helping the American worker, he is a complete loser.