Another DOJ investigation into Hillary Clinton finds she did nothing wrong


Yet another politically motivated investigation into Hillary Clinton comes up blank.

The Justice Department has ended an investigation into the bogus "Uranium One" conspiracy theory Republicans accused Hillary Clinton of, after the probe found "nothing worth pursuing," the Washington Post reported Thursday night.

Donald Trump demanded that the DOJ investigate the Republican-fueled conspiracy theory that the Clinton Foundation corruptly influenced the government's involvement in the sale of a company called Uranium One while Clinton served as secretary of state. Trump and other Republicans pushed the conspiracy theory during the 2016 election to try to hurt Clinton's chances at the presidency.

The conspiracy theory was driven by Breitbart News editor Peter Schweizer's 2015 book "Clinton Cash," which the New York Times helped legitimize by collaborating with Schweizer.

However, the FBI looked into the conspiracy theory and found nothing. And now, a Trump-ordered review of the FBI's probe by John Huber, a U.S. attorney in Utah, also found nothing, according to the Washington Post.

It's just the latest Republican-pushed investigation into Clinton that has come up blank.

A probe into wrongdoing around Clinton's use of a private email server ended in October also found nothing. Neither did the yearslong Benghazi investigation Republicans embarked on, which House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy later admitted was politically motivated in order to hinder Clinton's chances of becoming president.

Ultimately, unnamed senior officials within the DOJ told the Washington Post that they never expected the investigation — which was launched in 2017 — to turn up any evidence of wrongdoing.

But top officials at the DOJ, including now-former Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, pushed Huber to continue in order to find damning evidence of wrongdoing.

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