Top GOP congressman accused of lying about sex abuse he witnessed


A former Ohio State University wrestler says that Rep. Jim Jordan was an eyewitness to the sexual abuse he now claims ignorance about.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), a staunch ally of Trump and co-founder of the ultra-conservative House Freedom Caucus, continues to take fire for his alleged role in covering up sexual abuse of students at Ohio State University — and now one abuse victim says that Jordan personally witnessed the team doctor and other faculty members performing lewd acts in front of students.

Former Ohio State wrestler Michael DiSabato told CNN on Wednesday that Jordan was present in the showers when Dr. Richard Strauss, as well as other faculty members, "on a daily basis were involved in lewd acts that included public masturbation and excessive soaping of their groin area."

DiSabato said Jordan "took showers with us" and "saw Dr. Strauss and others perform these kinds of acts in front of us."

Former students who were a part of the wrestling team at the university when Jordan served on the coaching staff have already alleged that Jordan knew about the abuse, but DiSabato is the first to say publicly that Jordan's knowledge went further than having conversations with the victims.

Former wrestler Dunyasha Yetts has said that he spoke with Jordan about the abuse as it was occurring.

Yetts told the Associated Press that when he and Jordan spoke about the abuse and Strauss' serial groping of young men, Jordan commented, "This guy better not touch me."

DiSabato also told CNN that among coaches and wrestlers, including Jordan, "it was a common uncomfortable joke that Doc was a serial groper. Doc likes to hold your penis. Everyone knew it."

The story has become a dark mark on Jordan's career, even as Jordan has been spoken about as a possible candidate for Speaker of the House.

Jordan was confronted with the allegations at a Fourth of July event and told CNN he was unaware of the abuse, reiterating the story he has told before.

Jordan even reportedly called the police on one former wrestler, claiming that he was being "bullied" by the former student's emails asking him to respond to the allegations.

But Jordan's defense has been undermined by his office's dubious claim that he was not contacted about the official investigation into the abuse case.

The law firm Porter Wright Morris & Arthur, which has been hired by Ohio State to investigate, said they did in fact contact Jordan's office by email and phone to interview him about the case.

"To date, Rep. Jordan has not responded to those requests," attorney Kathleen Trafford said in a statement.

What's more, Jordan has lied recently to defend a sexual predator — Trump — which echoes the pattern of behavior he has been accused of by former students.

Jordan told CNN in April that he has never heard Trump lie. That's an obvious lie.

Trump has told over 3,000 lies since taking over the presidency and has a long public track record of lying about multiple topics. Most infamously, Trump lied about President Barack Obama, claiming that his birth certificate was a forgery.

Jordan lied about something that millions, if not billions, of people around the world have witnessed.

Now Jordan claims that he was unaware of serial sexual abuse, even as others come forward to say he spoke to them about it at the time, and even that he personally witnessed it.

It's getting harder to believe Jordan's defenses about his past.

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