Vindictive Trump trolls the NFL, ignores historic West Coast wildfires that have killed 10


Trump is ignoring the real world to make room for his petty feud with the pro football league that has lasted more than two weeks.

Back from three straight days of golfing, Donald Trump kicked off his abbreviated work week on Tuesday by yet again trolling the NFL, as he eagerly tries to resuscitate his culture war with the pro football league.

Trump continues to ignore the real world at the expense of his petty feud. To date, he still has not acknowledged the four U.S. soldiers who were killed in an ambush last week in Niger. And he still hasn’t used Twitter to address the biblical West Coast wildfires that have already claimed at least 10 lives and show no sign of slowing.

Instead, in two open attacks on a free and democratic society, Trump early on Tuesday morning demanded that team owners pay a financial price for allowing their players to express their political opinions. He also cheered the fact that an ESPN anchor has been suspended for expressing hers.


ESPN on Monday suspended Jemele Hill for two weeks after she criticized Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones, who announced he would punish team members who silently took a knee durig the national anthem.

The White House previously demanded that Hill, a black woman, be fired after she told the truth about Trump in a series of September tweets where she explained how Trump was a white supremacists and was elected on the backs of white supremacist voters. This came after the racist riot in Charlottesville, when Trump described white supremacists as “very fine people.”

Meanwhile, what is Trump ignoring while he continues his obsession with the NFL? Only one of the worst, most epic natural disasters to hit California in years.

From The New York Times:

Fast-moving wildfires raged across Northern California on Monday, killing at least 10 people, sending well over 100 to hospitals, forcing up to 20,000 to evacuate and destroying more than 1,500 buildings in one of the most destructive fire emergencies in the state’s history.

Also from the Times:

As witnessed with the slow-motion and inept Puerto Rico disaster relief effort, Trump seems comfortable ignoring the plight of Americans if they live in places that didn’t support him at the ballot box last year. We’ll soon find out if that’s what’s happening in California and Trump’s refusal to acknowledge the deadly spectacle.