Voter slams GOP lawmaker for 'misleading smear tactic' against challenger


Nasty campaign attacks aren't helping state Rep. Sarah Anderson hold on to her job.

Minnesota state Rep. Sarah Anderson is apparently turning off voters in the fall election with the "smear tactics" the Republican has used against Democratic challenger Ginny Klevorn.

A constituent writing to the Sun Sailor newspaper said that Anderson's ongoing attacks on Klevorn have made him back the Democrat.

Anderson's campaign literature accuses Klevorn of making a "flurry of false or misleading claims," but Plymouth resident Greg Laden writes that Klevorn "has not put one iota of false or misleading information on any campaign literature."

He says that "the way Anderson has designed her literature, it makes it look like Klevorn is a liar."

While Anderson's literature attacks a supposed "tax plan" from Klevorn, Laden notes that Klevorn is offering no such plan. Anderson also "claims that Klevorn has a health care plan that will cost everyone a lot of money," he writes, but Klevorn has "simply stated that she wants the legislators to have a plan that costs the same as everyone else (on average) is paying, so they understand what we all face."

Anderson's negative ads attacking Klevorn on taxes and health care also recently ran on Facebook, potentially turning off even more voters in Minnesota's 44A District.

"I'm afraid I won't be able to vote for Sarah Anderson to represent me in the House. I prefer open and truthful conversations about issues, not this sort of misleading smear tactic," Laden concludes. "The rising tide raises all ships, and this year I sincerely hope the tide will rise with a strong blue wave. I'll vote for Ginny."

The Republican — whose record includes underfunding schools, enabling the tobacco industry, and for pretending to support gun safety legislation after being a longtime NRA ally — cannot afford to lose voters like Laden. But she seems determined to win using deception and falsehoods.