Trump team can't find anything to back up his wacko border stories


Trump keeps making up stories to justify his useless border wall. But even his underlings can't back them up.

Trump's tall tales of horrors at the border are so absurd that his own team can't substantiate them.

An official within the administration admitted to ABC News that they tried to find evidence to back up Trump's lurid stories about duct-taped women being trafficked or prayer rugs supposedly found at the border. They couldn't.

Trump has been going on and on (and on) with these stories, using them to justify his demand for a racist and useless border wall.

"Women are tied up, they're bound, duct tape put around their faces, around their mouths," he breathlessly proclaimed, "In many cases, they can't even breathe. They're put in the backs of cars or vans or trucks."

Experts in human trafficking have no idea what he's talking about. One director of an anti-trafficking organization speculated that Trump is getting his stories from "action films."

Trump's scenario does show up in the movie "Sicario: Day of the Soldado." Esquire speculated that perhaps he watched it during the Christmas holiday and now believes that it really happened.

Trump has a history of vividly describing events that never occurred. He once claimed that he saw "thousands" of people in New Jersey cheering after the 9/11 attack. That didn't happen. He has a history of vividly describing events that never occurred.

Trump has also alleged that "prayer rugs" have been found near the border. He uses this to justify the claim (echoed by Mike Pence) that Islamic terrorists are crossing into America.

This is also made up. It's a long-ago debunked story originating from the right-wing media, specifically the extremely pro-Trump Breitbart News.

Americans don't buy Trump's fearmongering about the border. They don't support his obsession with building a wall, and his decision to shut down the government over his bigoted obsession was a major disaster.

Trump and his fellow Republicans have created a fantasy world that doesn't exist citing crimes that didn't happen for a wall that isn't needed. It is all delusional.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.