Watch 8 Republicans go stone silent on Trump's 'very stable genius' boast


This silence is not so golden for Trump.

In a presidency full of failures, few have been more spectacular than Donald Trump's attempt to quell concerns about his mental fitness by ranting about it on Twitter.

Trump and his flunkies spent the better part of a week trying to convince everyone that Trump is "like, really smart" and a "very stable genius." While some members of the media were fooled, it looks like many in Trump's own party remain comically unconvinced.

When American Bridge reporter Mike Stark asked a parade of Republican congressmen if they agreed with Trump's generous self-assessment, most responded with telling deflections or silence, and even more telling smirks.

In fact, Stark asked about 20 Republicans to weigh in on Trump's claim, and nearly all of them reacted the same way.

While these reactions are funny in isolation, they illustrate the disturbing reality that most of the people enabling the Trump presidency are doing so with the knowledge that Trump is not up to the job at best, and completely unfit to hold office at worst.

Republicans in Congress have demonstrated their lack of political courage for a very long time now, but with the stakes as high as they are, it's time for at least some of them to get serious.