Watch a GOP senator go to painfully awkward lengths to avoid shaking Trump's hand


Donald Trump is so toxic, even members of his own party don't want to be near him.

Donald Trump held a phony signing ceremony Thursday to pretend he had accomplished some kind of health care reform.

But even the Republicans he summoned to his ceremony, supposedly because they support his petty and hurtful executive order to try to sabotage Obamacare, appeared less than thrilled to be there.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul made every effort to avoid even looking at Trump when he entered the room, much less shake his hand.

Trump has never been popular — with voters or even his own party. He is currently warring with Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker, who referred to the White House as an "adult day care center." Trump proved him right by lashing out against the Republican senator with petty insults and nicknames on Twitter.

Even Trump's own secretary of state reportedly called him a "fucking moron." Asked to deny that he'd done so, Rex Tillerson refused.

Trump is an obvious embarrassment: to himself, to the country, and even to the people who ostensibly support him.