Watch two news anchors perfectly nail Eric Trump for bragging about his dad's greed


"If money and business are what drive the president of the United States, when does country come first?"

Eric Trump tried to defend Donald Trump's racism by praising his father's overwhelming greed, but a pair of astute journalists called out that corrupt premise.

On Wednesday's "Fox & Friends," Trump's middle son trotted out the familiar talking point that his racist father is not racist because "my father sees one color: green."

After the remark went viral, MSNBC's Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle pointed out that the "clever" rebuttal revealed another set of disturbing truths about Trump.

"If money and business are what drive the president of the United States," Ruhle asked, "when does country come first?"

"That statement alone, about seeing the color green," Velshi said, "should be a big red flag to everybody about the fact that the Trump family interests have not been separated from the Trump presidency."

Velshi also pointed out that "a blind trust is not a blind trust if your kids run it."

Ruhle then reminded viewers of this White House's habit of using the administration to promote Ivanka Trump's merchandise.

Indeed, it was Trump's own lawyer who made the most devastating case that his presidency would present unavoidable conflicts, and since taking office, Trump and his family have instead embraced those conflicts.

Trump's greed may well run neck-and-neck with his racism, but given the direction special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation has taken, the greed may eventually be his undoing.