Watch: AG Barr flees after reporter asks him about covering for Trump


After being called out for shilling for Trump, Barr ran away from the cameras.

Attorney General William Barr abruptly ended his news conference on the Mueller report after a reporter confronted him on his clear attempt to spin the news in Trump's favor.

HuffPost justice reporter Ryan Reilly asked Barr about the appearance of “impropriety,” noting he was “sort of spinning the report before the public gets a chance to read it.”

Before Reilly could even finish, however, the Department of Justice’s press handler yelled out that it would be the “last question” allowed at the brief press conference.

Instead of addressing the topic or the major, serious concerns raised, Barr merely said “No,” turned on his heels, and hurriedly rushed out of the room.

Barr had already started getting visibly impatient and defensive before Reilly asked his question, after other reporters pushed Barr on issues like his clear pro-Trump bias during the conference and his failure to invite special counsel Robert Mueller to join him at the podium.

Barr spent almost the entirety of the event making a defense of Trump while citing a document that he — and Trump’s lawyers — have seen, but which has remained hidden from Congress and the American people.

The moment was a perfect ending to a press conference that was the latest chapter in a cover-up, orchestrated by Trump’s handpicked attorney general, who has done his best to defend his patron.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.