Watch Chuck Grassley flat-out lie about President Obama to defend Trump


In an awful bout of false equivalency, the Iowa Republican tries to whitewash Trump's lazy work ethic by attacking President Barack Obama. Of course.

Appearing at an Iowa town hall meeting on Thursday afternoon, Sen. Chuck Grassley got an earful from a local voter who demanded to know when Donald Trump is going to “quit campaign and golfing” and get down to business.

The comment drew a round of applause, in part because Trump is so well know for his light work schedule and his nearly insatiable appetite to takes days off and visits his country clubs.

But rather than concede that Trump’s lazy and seems uninterested in tackling the tough tasks of governing, Grassley claimed that former President Barack Obama, while in the White House, golfed even more than Trump does today. That comment drew collective guffaws from the town hall participants.

VOTER: How 'bout the Senate putting pressure on Trump to quit campaigning and golfing and getting down to business?

GRASSLEY: On campaigning, I think that you're right. I think if you compare the golfing with what Obama had, you'd find he hasn't golfed that much. Because except for Eisenhower, Obama's golfed more than any other president.

Obviously, Grassley’s both-sides comments have no basis in reality. Yes, Obama was an avid golfer and hit the links 303 times over his eight years in office, playing more rounds during his second term versus his first term.

But Trump, as everybody knows, is setting a blistering golfing pace that will obliterate any presidential rate in the last 50 years. (Only Dwight Eisenhower played as much golf as Trump.) If Trump were to keep up his current pace of golfing, he’d end up playing more golf in four years than Obama played in eight years.

And yes, Trump used to mock Obama for playing too much golf.

Grassley’s claim that Trump “hasn’t golfed that much” compared to Obama really makes no sense when you note that Obama as president didn’t first hit the links until 13 weeks into his first term in office; 12 weeks into his first term, Trump had already been golfing a dozen times.

The optics have gotten so bad, “The Trump administration has worked to keep the president's golfing habit under wraps,” Newsweek reported. In fact, during Trump's 17-day "working vacation" at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, the White House banned the press corps from covering his frequent golf outings.