Watch: Jimmy Kimmel releases the perfect ad for Pence's shadow presidential campaign


Late night comedian Jimmy Kimmel is the latest figure to mock Mike Pence and his political team for their frenzied denials of his plans to run for president in 2020, undermining Donald Trump.

As Mike Pence and his operatives continue to push back against the exposé of his shadow campaign to run for president in 2020, late night host Jimmy Kimmel has added to the growing mockery of the entire episode.

Very few people are buying Team Pence's claim that he isn't making preparations for the job just one rung above his current position, and his press flack's non-denials aren't making it any easier.

On his ABC show, Jimmy Kimmel took aim at Pence, with a mock campaign ad highlighting Pence's protests about not running with a sly wink and a nod towards how he really is running.


NARRATOR: Mike Pence is a dedicated public servant. With the vision and passion it takes to lead this country. Not that he wants to. From our cities to our corn fields, from the heartland to the coasts, Mike Pence has no interest in overseeing any of those places. Mike Pence has the kind of foreign policy experience to keep America safe, if he wanted to do that, which he doesn't. President Mike Pence would always fight for you, but he's not president, and has no plans to be one. Mike Pence 2020, the year he won't be running for president.

PENCE: I'm Mike Pence, and I approve this message.

NARRATOR: This ad paid for the Committee to Definitely Elect Mike Pence President.

When late night TV starts exposing your words as empty spin, that's a sign of just how little credibility Mike Pence has. The entire country can see how Pence is raising money, wooing donors, distancing himself from Trump, and flying around to swing states. The behavior Pence is indulging in is candidate behavior.

Everybody sees it now, and Pence can't hide.