Watch: Roy Moore spokeswoman gets owned in epic Anderson Cooper interview


Cooper didn't have to ask any 'gotcha' questions to portray the GOP candidate in a bad light — he simply read Moore's statements aloud, and let them do the talking.

In an epic and wide ranging interview on Wednesday night, CNN’s Anderson Cooper delivered a masterful takedown of Roy Moore’s spokeswoman Janet Porter, nailing her on everything from the GOP candidate's past positions on homosexuality, Muslims, and President Obama's birthplace, to the absurd conspiracy theories the campaign has peddled in the face of mounting sexual abuse allegations.

Cooper covered a lot of ground in the interview — and with each new issue, Porter somehow managed to embarrass herself further.

When asked if Moore still believes that homosexuality should be illegal, she refused to answer.


“If you don’t want to answer, that’s fine," Cooper shot back. "But can you get back to us?”

He continued, pressing her on Moore's previous statements — including the time he said 9/11 was punishment for secularism in America. “Does he still believe 9/11 may have happened because, quote, 'we distanced ourselves from God'? That’s what he said in the past. Does he still believe that?”

Once again, Porter didn't have a response. “I don’t know the answer," she conceded.

“Does he still believe an American citizen who’s a Muslim should not serve in Congress?” Cooper pressed.

Instead of simply saying 'no' or 'I don't know,' Porter dug herself a deeper hole by invoking Moore's unhinged beliefs about Sharia Law in America. “I think that what he’s getting at ... is we believe in the rule of law by the Constitution, not Sharia Law,” she said.

Notably, Sharia Law does not exist in America.

In one of the most laughable moments of the interview, Porter refused to say whether or not Moore believes that President Obama was born in America — but she did note that she shows her birth certificate when she checks out library books.

Cooper then turned his attention to the sexual abuse allegations against Moore, which Porter compared to a “lynch mob.”

“Your campaign has blamed an awful lot of people for the accusations being made by women against Roy Moore," Cooper said, before embarking on an epic takedown in which he listed out, one by one, all of the people and groups that the Moore campaign has blamed.

True to style, he did it all with a straight face.

"I've heard Moore, his supporters — and you, tonight — blame Doug Jones, George Soros, the DNC, Mitch McConnell, mainstream Republicans, the Washington Post, the 'lynch mob media' as you call them, homosexuals, transgender people, and criminals," Cooper said.

"Can you just explain to me how all these people got together and came up with this plot against Roy Moore?" he asked, "I don’t know if there’s like, a conference call that Mitch McConnell and radical homosexuals are on ...?"

Incredibly, tonight's interview managed to make the Moore campaign look even worse — and that's pretty hard to do when the candidate is an accused pedophile who expressed support for denying civil rights to non-Christians and once co-wrote an academic course arguing that women aren't morally suited to vote or hold public office.

The best part is, Cooper didn't have to ask any 'gotcha' questions to portray the GOP candidate in a bad light — he simply read Moore's statements aloud, and let them do the talking.